How to Add Tags to Your Profile (& Why You Should Do It)

Step-by-step guide for adding tags to your Lighthouse profile

Once your account is connected to Stripe, the next step to get your profile in shipshape is to add tags to your profile. It's quick, easy, and important for getting found by our Members.

Haven't connected to Stripe yet? Here's how.

Why Add Tags to Your Lighthouse Expert Profile?

Tags help Members find you, your courses, and your consulting services. 

By adding all appropriate tags to your profile - the region(s) and country(ies) where you're active, the music industry sector(s) and sub-sector(s) you work in, the musical genre(s) you work with, the languages you speak, and your specific area of expertise - you give yourself the best chance of being seen (and of making money!) on Lighthouse.

Lighthouse music industry Expert Map, world map showing trusted music business professionals around the globeLighthouse Members use our exclusive music industry Expert Map to find the right local professionals for their projects, searching by keyword, name, or tag. Tags are one of the main ways that Members can find your profile.

How Do You Add Tags to Your Lighthouse Expert Profile?

From your Lighthouse dashboard, hit the button "Add tags".
Button to add tags from your new Lighthouse Expert dashboard

You'll then be able to add tags to your profile.

Find tags to add by searching our existing tags.

Don’t see the tag you’re after? Create a new one by first picking the kind of tag (region, country, language, expertise, etc), then type in your tag. Be sure to check your spelling before hitting "Add to my Profile"!Expert-Add-Tags-Profile

Added the wrong tag? No worries, just hover over it to delete it.

Forget to add a tag? Or maybe you changed sectors, countries, or learned a new langage? Update your tags directly from your dashboard by clicking "Manage Tags".

Blank Expert Dashboard Manage Tags

Great job! Now that you got that done, how about letting our Members know when you're free for consulting sessions? Here's how to add your availability on Lighthouse.