How to Add Your Availability for Consulting Sessions

Step-by-step guide to adding consulting session availability on Lighthouse

So Members can book consulting sessions with you on Lighthouse, you'll first need to add your availability.

Here's how to add time slots during which Members can request a meeting - don't worry, you'll always be asked to confirm or decline each appointment and can also add out-of-office dates when you won't be available for Lighthouse consulting sessions.

If you're already on your account dashboard, hit "Add time slots".

Lighthouse Expert dashboard, add availability for consulting sessions

If you're on any other page, click your name in the upper right corner to display your account menu and select "My Availability".

Select a day and enter a time (in 24-hour format) when you can usually be available for consulting sessions. This time slot will automatically be repeated each week. Members will only be able to request consulting sessions with you during these time slots.

That's all there is to it!

Add availability for consulting sessions on Lighthouse

You can view your availability at any time from your dashboard or your account menu by selecting "My Availability".

Going to be out of the office or unavailable on a specific date? 

Add the dates you’re unavailable to black out those time slots.

From the "Manage your consulting schedule" page, hit the button to "Add unavailable times".

Manage Availability

You can then add the dates that you aren't available for Lighthouse consulting sessions.

Need to change your schedule?

Go to your dashboard, and hit + under Availability. Then simply hover over a time slot to delete it or choose to add another time slot.

Expert dashboard - My availability

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