How to Connect Your Account to Stripe (& Why You Should Do It)

Step-by-step guide to connecting your Lighthouse account to Stripe

Why Connect Your Lighthouse Expert Account to Stripe?

  • To appear on our Expert Map and get your profile seen by our Members.
  • To get paid instantly for the consulting sessions and online courses you offer on Lighthouse.
  • So we can handle the paperwork for you. We'll automatically send an invoice in your company's name to anyone who buys one of your courses or books a consulting session with you. You'll also have a handy recap of all your payouts right in your Stripe account!


Our one-of-a-kind Lighthouse Global Music Industry Expert Map is how our Members find the right professionals to help them navigate in new markets. It's how they'll find your profile as well as the courses and consulting services you offer.

How Do You Connect Your Lighthouse Expert Account to Stripe?

First, grab your phone, a form of ID, and any important documents for your business (business registration number, tax ID number, etc.). You'll need them to verify your identity and complete your billing details.

Good to go? Let's get underway!

Click “Connect to Stripe to Start Earning” from your Lighthouse dashboard.


You'll now be taken over to Stripe to create your Connect Express account.

First, input your phone number, and email address so Stripe can create and confirm your account.


Next, you'll select the country where your business is registered along with your business structure. Stripe will then guide you through completing the necessary information for your company, including address, website (or social media profile), currency accepted, and banking details to receive your payouts.



You're doing great! Only a little farther till landfall! We know it's a long process, but connecting your Lighthouse account to Stripe means we can take care of all the tedious billing and tax issues for you each time you sell a course or hold a consulting session. 

Depending on where your business is registered, you will be asked to upload a couple documents to verify your identity or confirm your company's address and invoicing information. 

Finally, you'll be able to review your information and click "Done" to create your Stripe Connect Express payout account.

Land ho! Congrats, you're connected to Stripe! You'll now be featured on our Expert Map and can start earning for online courses and consulting sessions.

Ready for the next steps? Here's how to upload an online course on Lighthouse and add your availability for consulting sessions.