How to Request Recommendations for Your Expert Application

Step-by-step guide to asking for recommendations on Lighthouse

To become a Lighthouse Expert, you’ll need at least three recommendations from your peers to support your application. It's quick and easy to ask for a recommendation and don't worry - it will only take them 1 click to approve your request!

Here's how to ask for a recommendation:

Lighthouse new Expert dashboard, get recommendations

From your Lighthouse dashboard, hit “Get my first recommendation”.

You can then select a Lighthouse Expert to ask for a recommendation and add your message. Hit "Send request" and we'll notify the Expert of your request and send you an email confirmation. You'll also receive an email from us as soon as your request is granted.

Lighthouse Expert application recommendation request form

You can also request a recommendation from a music industry professional who isn’t yet on Lighthouse. Click "+ ask someone who isn't on Lighthouse yet", then input their contact information. All that's left is to add a note and send your request!

Ask for outside Recommendation

We'll then email them to briefly explain Lighthouse and ask if they'd like to support your Expert application. We won't use their information for anything except sending your request and evaluating their recommendation.

Got your three recommendations? Great, you're all set to submit your Expert application!