How to Upload Your First Course on Lighthouse

Step-by-step guide to uploading a course on Lighthouse

Offering online courses on Lighthouse is a great way to earn passive income for your music industry expertise. Record a video once and keep earning every time someone purchases access to your course.

Make sure to connect your account to Stripe first so you can get found and get paid!

Here's how to get started and upload your first course.

1. Upload Your Course as a Private Video on YouTube

Before uploading your course to Lighthouse, you’ll need to first upload it as a "Private" video to YouTube

  1. Connect to your YouTube account.
  2. Make sure your account is verified so that you can upload videos longer than 15 minutes. It's easy - just go to and enter your phone number.
  3. Next, Click your profile in the upper right corner and select "Your Channel".
  4. Hit the blue "Upload Video" button and then select the file to upload. YouTube supports most video formats including MOV, MPEG, MP4. MPG, AVI, WMV, FLV and WebM. See the full list and find tips for converting files here.
  5. Add a title for your video (we suggest that it match your course title), description (a short description of your course), select the thumbnail, check whether the video is made for children or not, and then hit "Next".
  6. You can now add subtitles to your video and add an end slide too if you wish.
  7. Set the visibility of your video to "Private" and copy the video link. Then hit "Save". Upload-Private-Video-YouTubeHuzzah! You've uploaded your course to YouTube! Now you're ready to get it on Lighthouse!

2. Upload Your Course to Lighthouse

  1. Go to your Lighthouse dashboard and click the button to "Add my courses".Blank-Expert-Dashboard-Upload-Course
  2. Add your course title and course descriptions, then copy and paste the video link from YouTube.Microcopy-Upload-Course
  3. Set the price for Members to view your course; they'll get 30-day access to watch your video, but won't be able to download it. Prices can range from 5€ minimum to 60€ maximum (excluding VAT) - and don't forget to include Lighthouse's 40% commission on courses in your calculations!
  4. Finally, make sure that your course content adheres to our terms of use, then hit "Upload Your Course".
  5. Once your course is uploaded, we'll automatically add a cover photo to the course description page. We're currently working to improve this feature, but for now, you'll see a learning-themed placeholder image. 

And that's it! Congrats, you’re ready to start sharing your knowledge and begin earning on Lighthouse!

So you can get paid instantly for each course purchase, your account will need to be connected to Stripe. Learn how to set up Stripe here.