How Do I Use the Lighthouse Music Industry Expert Map?

Step-by-step guide to finding the right contact for you

As soon as you've purchased your membership, you can search our one-of-a-kind Expert Map to find the local expertise you need to take your music project to a new territory.

Click the yellow "Find an Expert" button to open up our world map.

There are three different ways to explore our Expert Map:

  1. Move around the map with your mouse. Get a global view of where our Lighthouse Experts are located or click on a pin to see all our Experts in a given city.

  2. Search by keyword or by name. Type your query and our map will display the Experts who mention these terms in their profile.  

  3. Search with tags. Select from our list of tags including location, language, music genre sector, and specialty to see which Lighthouse Experts fit these criteria.


      Found an Expert you'd like to connect with? Click on their name to view their profile where you'll find their bio as well as the online courses and virtual consulting sessions they offer.